The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey was a large-scale galaxy redshift survey of bright emission-line galaxies over the redshift range z < 1 with median redshift z = 0.6, which was carried out at the Anglo-Australian Telescope at Siding Spring, Australia between August 2006 and January 2011. In total more than 200,000 redshifts were obtained, covering 1000 deg2 of equatorial sky divided into seven well-separated regions. WiggleZ galaxies were selected for observation using colour and magnitude cuts from a combination of optical and UV imaging. The optical imaging employed was from the SDSS in the Northern Galactic Pole and from the RCS2 survey in the Southern Galactic Pole, and UV imaging was provided by the GALEX satellite.

The WiggleZ survey dataset was used to produce some of the first high-redshift baryon acoustic oscillation measurements and growth of structure measurements , BAO measurements including density-field reconstruction , constraints on cosmological parameters and the properties of neutrinos , and many other scientific results.

You can access our final redshift catalogues and large-scale structure data and random catalogues.

Please contact Chris Blake at Swinburne University with any other data requests.