Data Release

Our data can be accessed via our online database or by downloading the ASCII Catalog.

DR1 (Sept. ’09): database / .txt catalog / .fits catalog 

DR2: ...stay tuned

Survey Paper

For a more detailed description of our data and observing strategy please consult our survey paper: ADS / arXiv

Target Selection

Target galaxies are selected using ultraviolet photometry from the GALEX satellite, with a flux limit of NUV < 22.8 mag. We also require that the targets are optically detected, with 20 < r < 22.5 mag. We use the Lyman break method applied to the ultraviolet colours and additional optical colour limits to select high-redshift galaxies.


There are 7 fields with average area of 140 square degrees totaling ~1000 square degrees. The 7 fields overlap with GALEX, SDSS, and RCS2 in 00, 01, 03, 09, 11, 15, 22 hr fields, shown below.